"At my old house I had installed my own invisible fence. It worked well for about 2 years, then was nothing but problems. I had a break in the wire loop and I was unable to find it. I ended up with my dogs wandering the neighborhood. When I bought my new house I didn't hesitate to schedule an appointment with Brian. I closed on my house, in Mukwonago, June 28th and by the 4th of July the fence was installed. My dogs (4 of them) have never left my new yard.

Thanks Brian!"

Robert Stoltz
Mukwonago, WI

"We highly recommend Brian Benisch with Dog Guard® of Wisconsin. Brian has been working with our family and the three Dobermans we have for over nine years now.

The lot that we live on can be challenging as it is heavily wooded and abuts the Lapham Peak State Forest Preserve. As you can see by our location, we have many wild animals here. Deer, opossum, raccoons, and an occasional coyote, etc. There is also great difficulty burying the fence line because of the bushes, trees and rocks, but Brian successfully accomplished this. Brian has also been able to keep the dogs out of the koi pond and certain areas of plantings in the yard that we do not want the dogs to go.

Our very intelligent, problem dog, Diva, knew that if she got a running start she could speed down the driveway, break through the one line of electric fencing and keep going. She can also open the front door and the sliding patio screen door to come in and out the kitchen. (We are installing new doors in spring). The trees and brush on each of the driveway prevented her from speeding up too fast. Brian quickly solved the issue by creating an 'S' line in the drive and that immediately solved the issue.

Our dogs are safe with Brian and Dog Guard®, even when they are out and about in the dark with the animals in this area."

Byron and Nancy
Town of Delafield

We held off on a fence for our dogs because of the cost and where to put it on our 2 and a half acres. We hadn’t really considered this type of fencing as we didn’t know much about it.

We are soooo glad we found out about Brian! This fence was installed in about 30 minutes, was easy to train the dogs around it’s parameters and they learned quickly. They love the freedom to roam and we love not worrying about them! it also was about a third of the cost of having a fence built which would have maybe covered 500 square feet.

Fantastic choice. Very Happy! ♥️

Lake Mills, WI

"Thanks Brian for installing the Dog Guard® hidden fence at our new home in Sun Prairie. The fence has been one of the best investments we’ve made in our house. At our last house, we needed to build a fence to keep our old Beagle in. Samantha, like many Beagles, has a tendency to roam from our yard to chase rabbits and squirrels. The fence was needed to keep her in to prevent her being run over, and we also know that not everybody shared our love for dogs as much as we do. Building a fence was costly in terms of money as well as time and effort; I should know, I dug the holes, I built the fence, and the lumber was expensive. Then there is annual maintenance to consider.

When we moved to Sun Prairie, I did not look forward to having another fence, built by myself, or installed by someone else. That’s when we found Dog Guard®. Dog Guard® keeps Samantha safely in the back or the front yard where she is able to enjoy the sun, chase rabbits, or just watch the world go by. It was installed at more reasonable cost then an above ground fence would be, and other than batteries, it is virtually maintenance free. It was also easy to train Samantha on."

Thanks Dog Guard®. I recommend Dog Guard® for all my friends who have pets.

The Scanlans
Sun Prairie, WI

"After several mind boggling conversations of to fence or not to fence – I chose Dog Guard® and I am extremely glad that I did! In this day and age when customer service is a bygone thought – it was refreshing to deal with this company. They were on time, concerned and by far the best cost in securing the safety of my dog.

I was impressed with their ability to train my head strong dog as well as their follow-up to see how we were doing. If I ever sell my home – without a DOUBT I will be calling them in a hot second to install Dog Guard® at my new home. Great service and great people!!! Definitely a winning combination."


"Now that we have our Dog Guard® fence I wonder why we waited so long! Our dogs are happy out in the yard, even our Lab who used to love to chase deer! Dog Guard® has been a miracle for our family!"

Columbus, WI

"I never thought that I could afford to have a fence put in for my dog. Dog Guard® is affordable which was important to me. The service I received from Brian has been exceptional. Brian returns my phone calls immediately. I recommend Dog Guard® to anyone."

Waukesha, WI

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