About DOG GUARD® of Wisconsin, LLC

Dog Guard® of Wisconsin is owned by Jeff and Rachel Gill of Lake Mills, WI. Dog Guard was established in 2005, and we are proud to be second generation owners of our family business.  Dog Guard is built on one value which is in the basis for every action; Integrity: doing the right thing for customers and their pets every time. We are thrilled to have so many strong relationships with our customers and their pets and look forward to building many more through the years!

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About DOG GUARD® Corporate

Dog Guard® has been in the pet containment industry for over 30 years now and our brand is known within the industry for reliability, quality and the excellent service that accompanies every sale. Dog Guard® manufactures a superior line of veterinarian approved pet containment products. Our radio controlled fence systems consist of a hidden wire fence which is essentially not visible to the human eye, a dog collar with a small receiver attached to it and a home transmitter which controls the area of hidden dog protection.

Located in Troy, New York, our headquarters are home to our Production, Design, Customer Service, Marketing, and Administrative Departments. Dog Guard® products are manufactured at our headquarters, and sold exclusively to trained dealers across the nation.

Our Dog Guard® professional dealers’ expertise and knowledge of proper use and training has resulted in high rates of customer satisfaction and successful pet containment over the years with our hidden pet fences.

Everyone in the Dog Guard® family is committed to providing our customers and their pets with the best quality products and service available. It is no wonder that both dealers and customers contact us seeking the best way to be a part of the freedom that Dog Guard® hidden pet fences offers.

Our unlimited support promise, guarantees and assistance from the Dog Guard® professional dealer -whenever needed, indicates our commitment to you for years after you have bought and installed our radio containment products.

Note that All Dog Guard® products come with a lifetime warranty and are completely assembled and tested in the U.S.A using nearly all parts sourced within the US.

Take our word for it, after installing the Dog Guard® of Wisconsin electronic fencing system, you will never have to worry about ugly fences, or chasing your pet around your property or neighborhood. After all, having a pet is about the fun and happiness that comes along with it and not the worry.

Give your dog the freedom it deserves & give yourself peace of mind

Call (608) 628-2609 or click below to schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation. We are happy to answer all of your questions and give you a price quote on the BEST pet containment system available!